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30 days of night Poster

I finally got the chance to watch this movie the other night…and: Wow. This is definitely worth watching. It’s based on a graphic novel (what isn’t nowadays?) and much like Sin City, this one was done correctly. It’s basically a vampire movie, but with some really cool twists to the typical storyline.  A major part of that storyline is that it takes place in a small town in North Alaska. The town’s Winter consists of a month without sun. No travelling in or out during that time due to the harsh winter conditions.  In that sense, this movie reminded me of another great horror flick that takes place in the snow….yep, good old “The Thing”.  Seeing as how I absolutely loved that movie, might explain why any similarities this movie has only helped. (*it’s not at all a cheesey rip-off though)
Anyway, I thought I’d write up something and let peeps know, if you’re looking for a cool horror flick, this is the one. A bit of warning though…hehehe…my girlfriend couldn’t look at the screen for some of the movie. There’s some good gore in this and plenty of blood for horror fans.
So…do yourself a favor, watch this movie (at night, no phones, lights off!).

Some screenshots:
30 Days Of Night Vampire Dude
30 Days Of Night Vampire Girl

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  1. Samambo December 6th, 2007 5:15 pm

    Yep, that first pic pretty much says it all!

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