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I finally got the chance to sit down and watch the movie “The Kingdom” last night and I was, for the most part, pleasantly surprised. I had heard quite a bit of rumor that it was a bad movie and not worth the time spent to watch it. I have to dissagree with that. I definitely enjoyed the movie. One of the things I liked was how obvious the cultural differences were made to be. My guess is that the movie took it a little over-the-top, as they usually do, but even still, it’s an eye opener.
The movie takes place in Saudi Arabia otherwise known as ‘The Kingdom’. The first 5 minutes of the movie are probably the coolest part. I wanted to rip that intro and post it onto YouTube in the hopes that somebody somewhere would learn something from it. It’s a quick history lesson about how the United States and and the Saudi families became so closely tied in business (among other things, according to many conspiracy theorists). Of course, it’s all about oil.
Basically there is a huge terrorist attack in an American community and a team of FBI agents fly over to do some CSI.

It’s not the best movie on the block….but I can definitely recomend it as a good watch and worth the time spent to do so.


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