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The Three Wise Men and The North Star: Explained

December 22nd, 2008 | Category: Funny/Etc.

The Three Wise Men and The North Star: Explained
Heheheh….nice. I’ma be away for a few days, and so this is my Christmas post for the 2008 holiday. This awesome pictorial explanation for the North Star and the Three Wise Men story is just plain nice. I hope this helps some of you answer a question or two that you’ve had regarding this.

Hehehe….Happy Holidays.

Peace in your crease,


Nunchuck Baseball…

December 22nd, 2008 | Category: Funny/Etc.

Hehehe…dude is crazy with the nunchucks. We need to get him out to open champagne on New Year’s….hehehe.

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Kill Bill O’reilly By East Coast Avengers…

December 20th, 2008 | Category: Hip-Hop

This is kinda funny. These dudes were so pissed about the crap that O-reilly spews that they made a track and video just to diss him. I’m definitely against the hate-inciting tactics that many talk show hosts seem to get off on. It’s sad that these hosts use such insane propagandizing to get ratings, and that people continue to support them. I guess if you’re dumb enough to tune in, then it’s on you though. I’m smart enough to stay clear of it. Hehehe…check out the reaction video below from Keith Olbermann on “Countdown”. Way to take the high road Keith….hehehe.

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Hip-Hop: Native Tongues – Rarities Vol. 1…

December 20th, 2008 | Category: Hip-Hop

Native Tongues - Rarities Vol 1This isn’t a brand new release, but it’s worth mentioning here. For all you peeps ‘special’ enough to own some turntables, this is specifically for ya’ll. This is a compilation of rare stuff from the Native Tongues collective. For those that don’t know, Native Tongues consitsts of groups A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Jungle Brother, Black Sheep, Leaders Of The New School, and some others. This vinyl treat is packed with plenty of hard to find tracks and remixes that, in my opinion, would be perfect for spinning at any house party. I think that the intro track alone would make this worth adding to the crates. This is available to purchase at I’m sure you savy web-rats can probably find .mp3 versions of this somewhere too. Altogether, a nice chilled out compilation though, look for it, and enjoy.

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Reggae: Luciano “Jah Can Save Us” 2008…

December 20th, 2008 | Category: Reggae

Luciano - Jah Can Save Us - 2008 - cover
Luciano has got a new album added to his massive list of releases this month. This one is called “Jah Can Save Us” and it is a complilation of sixteen previously released tracks. Being a compilation, I’d say it’s not a ‘mandatory’ selection to add to the avid collector, but it is a nice selection of tracks. Of course, there are a couple I’d of like to have swapped out for ‘better’ tracks, but it’s still good. By far, in my opinion, the strongest track on this, and the ‘real’ reason to grab this album is track #4 “This Is A Warning”. If you’ve heard my mix “Zonk One Presents-Strictly Conscious Vol 1” then you’ve heard this track and know that I’m a fan. Sadly, the track that follows this banger is called “You And I” and it is defnitely one that I would have left off this compilation. For you slow/R&B music lovers, this one will be right up your alley.
Another stand out track on this is #11 called “Serve Jah”… Boom! and also the last track “Your Heart”.  The rest of the tracks are average, I’d say. A nice intro to Luciano for those newbies out there.


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Communication Oxymoron: Complex Poetry…

December 19th, 2008 | Category: Hip-Hop

Complex Poetry

A great observation/opinion on how many people ‘try’ to be complex and deep when writing poetry (rhymes):

“Hey, this must be deep. And that’s what happens when folks decide to write poetry. That’s what they decide they’re going to be, deep. They decide they’re going to be poetic. People feel as though, like, the way to be poetic is to make sure that there’s certain little parts that can’t nobody understand. Why would you need a poet to make things more complex, if communication is what it’s all about!?”
-Words from the intro track on Abstract Rude & Tribe Uniques’ Album “P.A.I.N.T.”

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RIAA Changes Tune: Work With ISP’s Instead…

December 19th, 2008 | Category: News

RIAA Losing Mountains Of Cash...At last, the music industry admits what we’ve known for years: That filing music-swapping lawsuits against teenagers, little old ladies, and corpses is a fool’s errand (not to mention an expensive headache for the defendants). But don’t worry—the RIAA has something new up its sleeves.

The new strategy (as reported by the Wall Street Journal): If the music industry finds out that you’re swapping music files online, it’ll send an e-mail to your ISP (agreements have already hashed out agreements with “some” unnamed service providers, apparently), which will in turn forward the message to you—probably with a little “P.S.” asking you to stop. [Update: CNET has a copy of the RIAA’s form letter to ISPs.]

If you don’t stop, well … your service provider probably won’t sue you, but it might slow down your broadband connection, or cut off your service altogether.

So, why has the RIAA changed the play? Well, maybe it’s been looking at reports like this one from the NPD Group, which shows that U.S. CD sales continue to slide, while the number of tunes shared via P2P sites continues to increase, despite all the litigation.

And then there’s the disastrous headlines, as the RIAA relentlessly tracked down and sued tens of thousands of alleged music pirates. Among them: Kids, octogenarians, and a few dead people.

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