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midnight sun brewing co. "sockeye red ipa"On my trip up to Alaska I got to sample some of the local brews, most of which were the various flavors from Alaskan Brewing Co., but they do have a few smaller breweries that I’ve never seen for sale anywhere but there. I saw this 22oz. while at the local liquor store in Valdez. I bought some beers for the night and this one to ship home with me. The artwork on the bottle looked interesting and I was sure that I had never seen or heard of this brewery before, so it seemed like a logical choice (not to mention the wonderful letters I, P, and A on the bottle). So….after sitting in my fridge, for way too long, it’s finally time to crack this mother open and give it whirl. Here goes:
Although not the ‘boom! pow!’ that I was hoping for after traveling so many hundreds of miles to sip this, it’s still pretty damn good. It has a distinct flavor and aroma that I don’t get from other IPA’s that I’ve sampled. I can’t exactly nail the familiar smell….it’s kind of along a piney scent. Reminds me of the insane beauty of Alaska (I don’t care if that sounds cheesy…hehehe).This stuff isn’t the most intense IPA, but it’s definitely not for the light beer fan or the beer squeamish. There’s plenty of flavor packed in this, but light enough to enjoy more than one pint (or six). It only weighs in at 5.7% alcohol by volume, so it’s not the usual ‘grab you by the boo-boo’ that IPA’s are known for. This is bottled and brewed in Anchorage, Alaska by Midnight Sun Brewing Co. As the bottles’ tagline says, “Spawned in the last frontier.”
If you should happen to see this in your local beer spot, check it out, it’s worth it. Better yet, do yourself a favor and drink it on location in Alaska…the scenery mixed with good beer is pretty unbeatable.

“In The Abundance Of Beer, The Fool Is Thirsty” -Bob Marley (zOnk remix)

Midnight Sun Brewing Co. "Sockeye Red IPA"


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