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peroni-birra-capThis Italian import is pretty widespread, at least as far as I’ve seen in most of California, but does that make it any good? Well, to me, this beer isn’t exactly what I’d be grabbing for when I’m beer hunting. I don’t know how to explain it, but the flavor reminds me of Italian food….which is perfect since it’s an Italian brew. Although I love Italian food, this beer leaves me with a barely satisfied palate. It’s very light and the aftertaste reminds me of a ‘skunky’ beer. The only reason I’m even reviewing this one is that a friend brought over a sixer for us to split a while back and I had one left in the fridge. I’ve actually had these a few times over the course of my drinking career, and although it’s not at all undrinkable, it’s just not a flavor that I look for in a beer.
Verdict: If you’re out at an Italian restaurant and wanting to keep things ‘legit’, go ahead and order one…or if someone offers you them for free, take advantage. Other than that, move over a lane toward the American microbrews at your local grocer.


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