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Full Sail LTD SeriesMmmm….this is a good beer. If you haven’t yet heard, Full Sail has started brewing a series of beer that have been titled “LTD Series”. Lucky for me, I was keeping my eyes peeled for something new to try and noticed the green Full Sail label that I’d never seen before. Upon closer inspection, I read that they were doing limited runs of different recipes under this new umbrella title of LTD. I liked the idea…and was hoping that I’d like the beer as well. Sure enough, this ‘recipe number: 01′ is well worth the $6.
As for flavor, it’s not a very heavy beer. Being that the warm weather is steadily creeping, that’s definitely a good thing. Hot days/nights don’t seem to jive well with thick, heavy beers for me. This stuff packs a decent alcohol percentage too. At 6.4%, it’s not overwhelming, but it’s well above the low-flavor, macro-brew domestic competition’s average content. This stuff is pretty smooth and has a very mild aftertaste. If I knew more about the fancy labeling of beer flavors, I’d definitely be able to pinpoint what exactly the most dominant flavor in this is, unfortunately, I don’t.
I can recommend this to anyone looking for a good micro that fits in with the Spring/Summer seasons. Unfortunately for us…they’re already serving up recipe number 02. So get these while you can.

*You can find these at Trader Joe’s.

Full Sail LTD Series

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  1. DJ WHIPS June 14th, 2008 11:38 am

    I rreally like the photo….The bottle is all wet and sweaty…Ice cold…nice…

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