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Marin Brewing Company: Mt. Tam Pale AleThis is a light, smooth ale. It’s very easy to pour this one down and I could see myself indulging in quite a few of these in one sitting because of it. It’s light, but flavorful, and leaves a pleasant aftertaste that manages to inspire consecutive sips. Hehehe….yep, good stuff.
One of the things that’s printed on this bottle that hints to its’ quality is the bright red stripe that says, “Live Ale! – Keep Refrigerated.” You don’t see that kind of stuff on the many macro-brew choices that line your grocery isles now do you?
This doesn’t pack too hefty of an alcoholic punch, but some would argue that beer is not only to be enjoyed for its’ intoxicating effects. I am not one of those people…hehehe. Kidding…or am I? For realsies though, this stuff is nice and easy to enjoy. It’s not seasonal, so you can enjoy these whenever.
Some info from the bottle: Our Pale Ale has a Bright golden color, a medium body and a smooth taste. It is brewed with Pale, Wheat and Crystal malts; combined with Cascade, Columbus and Amarillo hops, giving it the perfect balance.


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