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sierra_nevada-harvest-capYeah…..yep, this is a good beer. As most beer fans know, Sierra Nevada can serve up some righteous suds. This one is yet another to add to their list of beers worth seeking out and enjoying. This is a brand new recipe that they’ve added to the lineup, which appeared in stores this Summer (2008). The beer isn’t what I’d call heavy beer, but it’s far from light either. It’s solid, and still refreshing during these hot Summer months. It’s almost like a special edition of their standard Pale Ale. It goes down smooth and leaves a very pleasant aftertaste that leaves my mouth looking for another taste. This has an alcohol content of 6.7%, so it’s not ‘strong,’ but still has some umph. Good stuff. Be sure to check this out if you get the chance.
Here’s some info straight from the label:
This ale marks our journey to the only place on the planet where fresh hops are harvested in our Spring, the Southern Hemisphere. Our task was daunting-we needed to get the hops picked, dried, flown halfway across the world and into our brew kettle in a little over a week’s time.

The result is a North-by-South fusion of fresh New Zealand hops blended with the finest North American malts. Its robust hop character presents an intriguing floral citrus aroma leading to layers of fresh hop spiciness. Enjoy!

Check out their website for some more info: CLICK


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