Samichlaus Bier “The World’s Most Extraordinary Beer”

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This is some strong stuff!…hehehe. Wow. When I first opened the bottle, I got a whiff of something that reminded me of a cross between Old English 800 and Sierra Nevada Big Foot. The first sip hits you with some intense flavor and then the little buzz in your belly afterward is a reminder of the alcoholic content of this badbwoy. It’s almost like sipping on a semi-sweet liqueur. There are a ton of flavors going on, but I’m not versed enough in the art of bullshitting alcohol nuances, so I won’t try to label them. This one is definitely not something you’d want passed to you loaded into a beerbong…hehehe. I would recomend sipping this sitting around a campfire on a cold night. This beer isn’t for light beer lovers or anyone that doesn’t want a strong buzz. If you like barleywine style brews, this will most likely be right up your alley.
From what I’ve gathered this beer used to be brewed by a different brewery and then was M.I.A. for about four years. Then Castle Brewery of Eggenberg, Austria began brewing it again in 2000.

Now, how and why did I just review a beer that is known to only be released in December of each year? And even more importantly, why does the label say 2001? I was at my local liquor (Bay Crest Spirit & Wine Shop)store talkin to a buddy and we got onto the subject of beers…specifically good, strong I.P.A.’s. This led to him asking if I wanted to try a beer for a dollar, that he guaranteed was the strongest beer I could get. Next thing you know, he’s handing me this ‘Samichlaus’ and telling me that it’s been in the back of their store, and that it’s been fermenting ever since they got it back in 2002. The label says that it is 14% by vol.
I was told this comes in 4 packs and those are usually about $15.
I appoligize for the bad scans…the label’s print kinda melted off when I was trying to peal it off…and my scanner is on the crappy side.
You can read more about this beer here: CLICK
This was the only image I could find that was close to decent (watermark included). Remember, the one I had was from 2001…

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