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stone brewing-bitter chocolate oatmeal stout-2008
Oh yeah….this stuff is black like tar. No light is gettin through this Stout, and that’s ok…hehehe. Upon first sipping, I’m pleasantly greeted by exactly what the label says…bitter, chocolate, and oatmeal stout. This is the type of brew that you’d want in your hands while sitting around a campfire. It’s a meal in a bottle and the massive alcohol content (9.2%) would keep your ass warm as can be from the inside out. And this stuff is thick. Like, milkshake thick. Surprisingly, the aftertaste is very mild and I’d say that even a non-stout fan would most likely be able to enjoy this one. And, if you are a stout drinkin typa foo; get your funky self to the nearest liquor store that sells Stone Brews and pick a few of these up. Part of the reason you’d be best off to pick up several is that these are gonna get better as they age in your fridge. Unlike some other types of brew, this one will bottle ferment. This means that what I’m drinking today, would taste slightly different had I opened it a few months from now. Plus, having something in the back of your fridge ‘developing’ is always neato (as long as it’s alcoholic in nature and not some crazy leftover mess growing new strains of mold). Oh..almost forgot to mention; one thing about this particular stout that is different, or at least to me, is that it seems to be more carbonated than many of its’ brethren. Not in a bad way, just noticable though.

Once again, good job Stone Brewers. Keep the great flavors comin.

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