Cee-Lo: Words The Masses Should Hear…

Category: Hip-Hop

I got the Wake Up Show Freestyle DVD a while back and was blown away when Cee-lo’s part came on. Luckily, this is on Youtube, so I’m postin it up for ya’ll to hear. This dude is out of control. It’s nice to see and hear an MC that’s been in the spotlight, made videos and money, and hasn’t fallen victim to the lame empty-headed materialism that most rappers turn to. Cee-lo is definitely a voice of reason in a sea of slackness.
If you are inna hurry, just fast forward this video to the 5 minute spot…then let it play and check out this piece of poetry he spits. Plain dope.

“I believe that, artistically, it’s a crime to the canvas to paint the same thing over and over again.”


*The beat in the background is by Kev Brown “Da Rebirth” (from the DJ Jazzy Jeff “Magnificent” EP)

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