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Native Tongues - Rarities Vol 1This isn’t a brand new release, but it’s worth mentioning here. For all you peeps ‘special’ enough to own some turntables, this is specifically for ya’ll. This is a compilation of rare stuff from the Native Tongues collective. For those that don’t know, Native Tongues consitsts of groups A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Jungle Brother, Black Sheep, Leaders Of The New School, and some others. This vinyl treat is packed with plenty of hard to find tracks and remixes that, in my opinion, would be perfect for spinning at any house party. I think that the intro track alone would make this worth adding to the crates. This is available to purchase at UndergroundHipHop.com. I’m sure you savy web-rats can probably find .mp3 versions of this somewhere too. Altogether, a nice chilled out compilation though, look for it, and enjoy.


1. Tribe Called Quest – ‘Bound To Wreck Your Body’
2. Tribe Called Quest – ‘Can I Kick It? (Von Trapp Mix)’
3. De La Soul – ‘The Bizness (Vinyl Reanimators Remix)’
4. De La Soul – ‘Stakes Is High (9th Wonder Remix)’
5. De La Soul – ‘Double Huey Skit’
6. Jungle Brothers – ‘On The Road Again (My Vinyl Ways A Ton) (Q-Tip Remix)’
7. Fu-Schnickens – ‘True Fuschnick (Shaheed’s Fix)’
8. Lone Ranger – ‘It’s Yours’
9. Tribe Called Quest feat. Busta Rhymes – ‘Wild Hot’
10. Black Sheep – ‘The Choice Is Yours (Revisited Remix)’
11. Black Sheep – ‘Without A Doubt (Salaam Remi Remix)’
12. Jungle Brothers – ‘Promo No. 2 (Mind Review 89)’


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