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Life-Outside Looking In
I gotta say, Life done done it again…hehehe. MC from the group Phi-Life Cypher named “Life” has just released another solo album. This one is along the lines of his previous and keeps with the dope beats and lyrics worth listening to. I have heard a lot of people talk trash on UK hip-hop, but my guess is that they’ve not heard this M.C. before (along with Skor-say-zee, and more).
Anyway, the opening track is one of those that I love to hear….some ill beats and the use of samples! Yeah, samples. Seems like nowadays with all the lame sample laws and every wanna-be critique out there claiming that making ‘sample’ beats is just ‘too easy’, not enough peeps are using them (samples) or using them correctly. Anyway, this album is pretty much dope from start to finish. The first disk is what you’d expect, meaning it’s got beats and rhymes, both executed exceptionally well, and the second disk is all beats. A special treat for all you instrumental junkies out there. Lyrically, Life tends to keep the subject matter conscious. Talking about society, politics, etc. It’s good to hear someone’s thinking and speaking to the masses about ‘real’ life, rather than more just-add-water, radio-friendly, music for money’s sake type stuff.

Anyway…grab the album. It’s worth it.
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