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Heiruspecs-10 Years Strong
I know a LOT of peeps are easily awed by the ‘live’ hip-hop groups and think that because there are live instruments, it’s automatically something to dig. Although I am a fan of being able to play instruments…especially being able to play them well, I don’t consider it a ‘you’re dope’ free card.
This new release by Heiruspecs (10 Years Strong) is nothing I’m gonna be bumpin on the regular. It suffers from the same thing that most “live” hip-hop bands suffer from: Bland beats that all sound the same. I’m not totally hating on this album, but I did find it rather blah. And like I said, too many live acts are exactly the same. If you like The Roots, this ain’t them. Go out and give a listen to judge for yourself though (as is always my recomendation about anything).

More about them HERE.


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