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I guess after hearing that new Living Legends EP (The Gathering) I should have guessed I wasn’t going to be too thrilled with The Grouch’s latest effort. But, seeing as how he is, by far, my favorite Living Legends MC, I guess I still expected something dope. This album seems to fit into the general direction that his last couple have followed…with more and more of a hyphy, West coast gangster bounce to the beats and sound in general. Lyrically, The Grouch is still bringin some fresh, well thought out, socially conscious stuff, but these beats are killin me. Overall, I can’t say that I like this album much at all. My favorite track is definitely “Mom And Pop Killer” which is about big business (i.e. Walmart, Best Buy, etc.) destroying a lot of what is cool about you-name-it town U.S.A. With lyrics like:
“I’m gonna do a Wal-Mart exclusive, with Hallmark rhymes and Fisher Price gonna produce it
Oh. You ain’t hear? Weak lyrics. That’s the new shit, like all over print ain’t and tellin’ the truth is”
…it’s kinda hard not to dig. *Unless you’re one of the many that still haven’t open those eyes.
Another cool track (lyrically) is “Artsy”. It’s great how he sums up almost every kid that I used to see in the Art Dept. that thought they were so ‘Artsy’…hehehe. Once again though…the beat leaves me wanting to either read the lyrics of get the acapella to make a remix. (good idea?)
The biggest let down for me is the track “God Bless The Elephant” which features Abstract Rude. With two of my favorite MC’s, this track shoulda been the banger of the year.
So, get the album to listen to the lyrics. There’s a lotta smart shit on here and I think it could only help our society if more people paid attention. Who knows, maybe the beats’ll grow on me. (probably not)
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  1. vince February 22nd, 2011 3:44 pm

    wow dude seriously god bless the elephant was the biggest let down for you? who are you Mozart or something? shit man show some appreciation before criticizing. i’m not sayin i like all of grouch’s shit but god bless the elephant definitely shits on fools. i think today’s lesson is APPRECIATION. be thankful grouch is even out there. and if you are so dope why haven’t i heard of you…make somethin steada spreadin that negative vib towards conscious love. peace

  2. zOnk.oNe February 23rd, 2011 8:00 am

    I guess you didn’t read the review, huh vince? Your rant doesn’t really have much relevance to what I said (besides the last couple of sentences). Did you neglect to realize that I said The Grouch is my favorite Living Legend? …or “With two of my favorite MC’s”? It was a let down.
    Read it again perhaps?

  3. vince February 23rd, 2011 5:48 pm

    i read it. i just read it again. grouch is my favorite living legend too. i dont see how god bless the elephant is such a let down for you..for me its one of the best songs on this album along with breath and hot air ballons. i would have understood if you said the bay to la was a let down.. thats the only one out of the whole album that hasnt grown on me. all the other tracks are legit as fuck. especially god bless the elephant. lyrical content A fucking plus. relevant. shut up

  4. zOnk.oNe February 24th, 2011 7:36 am

    I’ll explain in more detail: Grouch is my favorite Living Legend. Ab Rude is one of my favorite MC’s. Those two together are a top notch duo. That track, although cool, is a let down because it’s not the “banger of the year” like I’d expect it to have been. It’s simply ok in my opinion. But, like assholes, we all have them (opinions, that is).
    Chill out homie…don’t see why you’re so offended at a different perspective.

  5. vince February 24th, 2011 10:16 am

    word i understand that a lil more. yeah your entitled to your opinion and im in titled to mine. and we are entitled to discuss over a blog isn’t that the point of it? its by mixing that we become something more, or less. everything changes man, growin, dying..etc grouch isnt gonna be the same on day 1 as year 7..10..15.. hes doin his thing. now targeting on a broader scale, not livin on the streets.. course its not gonna hit home as hard. ab doesnt even spit on the track. murs shouldnt even be on the album. i respect your opinion man. most definitely. i agree, if grouch coulda spit fatter on that then why the fuck didnt he? anyways. whats grouchs fattest tracks to you. for me it goes somethin like too much on it, til the endathis, the clap, silly putty, simple man, nothings changing, everafter, clean nikes, wish you a good day, clean nikes, breath…fuckin a man the list never stops and i think god bless the elephant is the cherry on top, the crown of the cola, the shit

  6. zOnk.oNe February 24th, 2011 1:12 pm

    Simple man, Wish You A Good Day…those are definitely two tracks I love. Another that always gets me is “I Wanna Know”.
    The video, lyrics, and beat for “Breathe” are fresh as f*ck too. Actually, the video made me like the track more.

    *feel free to use the contact link (right side) to send dope vid links, etc.

    Peace mang,

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