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Yo…I gotta recommend this movie to every person living in the United States. I know, you’re lookin at the coverart and thinkin, “another shockumentary about how we’re all doomed”….but the best part of this movie is not the message about Global Warming. After watching this, the aspect of the movie that was most important was how news and information flow to the public is controlled. I guess you either believe we’re told everything we need to know and honestly, or that we’re misled and lied to. I hope that by now, most people are hip to the facts about Global Warming and the negative affect we’re (mankind) having on the planet. Anyway, this movie was done well and, like I said, I’d recommend everyone watches this. If you think you know everything you need to about Global Warming, cool, but this movie is more about what happened to the flow of information to the public, the misinformation campaign, etc., since the first congressional hearing (about Global Warming) in 1987.
Cool movie, lot’s of info, but very frustrating. Check it out.

Movie Site (watch the movie, then peep the site):D


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