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Man, I know lots of people out there are dissing this movie because, like many in the past, it isn’t true to the book…or short-story in this case. Seeing as how I never read that, I don’t have to worry about that scenario. I really liked this movie. I am a big fan of most movies that are post-apocalyptic types, but this one was especially cool. I really liked the whole look and feel of the movie. Also, I’m a big fan of dogs…so having the dog as his co-star worked well for me…hehehe. The subject matter of the movie is one that I think most of today’s generations can really relate to, since we get news everyday about how we’re facing one more threat that’s gonna ‘end the world’. Seeing the city of Manhattan being reclaimed by mother nature was an eerily cool effect.
Anyway, I don’t like to get into too much detail, since I’m a huge fan of watching a movie without too much info about it. How many movies have you seen that showed WAY too much information in the previews. I think that reviews can have the same effect. I’ll just say it’s cool and that should be all you need to motivate to go watch it…hehehe.
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