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big stan movie 2008
Man…finding a decent image of this movie’s release poster was quite a task. I’m not used to having to spend much time finding a poster. I guess that’s a bit of a hint on how popular this movie is at the moment. But, much like Rob Schneider’s ‘Deuce Bigalow’, I think this one will be a ‘flop’…until DVD sales and rentals come into play. This movie is fun. There’s plenty of silly laughs throughout, and still manages to poke fun at some serious issues like our prison system and racism. I have to admit that I dig Rob Schneider in almost everything I’ve seen him in, including the cameo roles in the Sandler flicks. That being said, I’m a bit biased and went into this ‘knowing’ that I was gonna like it.
It is just funny seeing this dude in a role like this. I didn’t know anything about the movie when I sat down to watch it except that Rob was in it. Also, seeing David Carradine in this was cool. It’s hard to see him doing anything but his roll as the main character (Grasshopper) in ‘Kung Fu’…and it’s great to see this comedic twist to that character.
I’d say that if you dig Rob Schneider, you should definitely sit down to this one. Grab some beer, and enjoy.
*Comment: Some of the dudes in this movie are scary huge….like, ‘holy shit’ gigantic humans….hehehe.


**I don’t recommend ruining a movie by watching the trailers, but I know some folks ‘need’ it: CLICK

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