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I finally got to sit down to watch this flick last night. Since it was said to be pretty action filled and plenty of gore, I wanted to wait for a nice HD version to become available. In a word, I’d have to say: fun. This isn’t anything that’s headed for Oscar nomination territory (not that the Oscar’s are a very valid indicator of what’s good/great/etc. nowadays), but it does what it’s supposed to do. It’s a fun movie. There’s plenty of action, and they spared no expense on fake blood…hehehe. Although there were definitely some times during the movie that I had to really try to ‘stay focused’ and let some irritants slide, overall I still enjoyed it. On that note though, I have to admit that I’m a big fan of post-apocalyptic genre flicks. ..And this movie definitely shows that people involved (director, writer, etc.) are fans of movies like, Mad Max, Escape From New York, and even Aliens.
I’ve read some pretty hostile reviews toward this movie, but I think that sometimes ‘critics’ are too harsh and have trouble removing themselves from reality and allowing ‘silly’ and ‘impossible’ things in movies to be acceptable. There is definitely a cheesey aspect to this movie…don’t get me wrong…it’s just that I didn’t mind it…and actually kind of expected it, I guess.

If you’re into the movies mentioned…and enjoy the gratuitous blood splattering and decapitations, you should check this flick out.


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