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Wow….I just ‘finished’ this movie and now I know what all those reviews on IMDB were talkin about. I knew that this movie was going to tackle a heated subject, and that it had obvioustly stirred quite a few peeps to write some very opinionated reviews (IMDB), but I wanted to give it a try and see what was what.
Let me start by saying that the first half of this movie is pretty damn interesting…and that it does a damn good job of showing how some in the scientific community seem to have a vendetta against this ‘new thought’ approach to science called ‘intelligent design’. I was genuinely intrigued by many of the aspects of this movie….until the movie took a huge turn for the worst. Yep,….the holocaust. That’s right, as stupid as that sounds, Ben Stein actually tries to make a link between the Darwinists and the Nazis. Once the movie takes this turn, it’s just plain annoying. It’s as if Mr. Stein totally abandons his initial message in a strange attempt to tie the theory of evolution to some of the insane practices that the Nazis used. Once again….wow.

I guess, on the possitive side, like I said, the first half is cool and brings some interesting ideas to the table. I have to be honest though, after about 15 minutes of the Nazi propagandizing, I turned it off. Once you go to stupid, it’s hard, if not impossible, to take serious.

If you’re interested in some alternate views on ‘intelligent design’ watch the first half. I was surprised to learn that not all ‘intelligent design’ theorists are ‘creationists’. Here’s the trailer too….enjoy:

*Shortly after posting this, I found this review by Roget Ebert. A nice read: ENJOY

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