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Meet Dave Movie
I know that many, if not most, people out there have given up on Eddie Murphy movies being funny. I’ll say that I was on the fence, and definitely didn’t expect much from another sci-fi comedy attempt (remember ‘Pluto Nash’?). Luckily, this movie was a big step back in the right direction for Eddie. We were laughing after about one whole minute of play time. Seriously..hehehe. I’m not gonna say that this is hilarious on some ‘Grandma’s Boy’ tip, but it was really entertaining. Lot’s of really silly laughs that continued through to the credits. This movies isn’t going to win any awards, but who cares, right? Like I said, this movie is just a silly comedy that should be viewed with that in mind. I say, grab yourself some beers/wine/booze then sit back and watch this with at least a slight buzz and an open mind…heheheh.

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