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I was unlucky enough to get the flu, and so the only good that comes outta that is the time to sit down and do some serious movie watching. Especially since even when I’m sick I can’t sleep much during the day. Anyway, I watched this movie called ‘Trade’. This movie was a very limited release, so not many theaters showed it. Overall the movie was very good, although it’s quite a depressing ride. Basically this movie is about the buying and selling (trade) of human beings, mainly children. Like I said, it’s pretty depressing…but at the same time, I thought it was filmed, directed, and acted out very well. The movie projects that feeling of helplessness that these poor people are faced with each day. It also shows the lack of compasion and empathy the dealers in this business have for their ‘product’. The bottom section of the movie poster above is a screenshot of an especially troubling scene in the movie. While watching this, I tried to keep in mind it was ‘just a movie’, but the sad fact is that all the things portrayed go on in ‘real life’ everyday. Disgusting.
At the end of the movie there are some horrible statistics given about how many children worldwide are put into this world and how little governments worldwide are doing about it. Yet another completely dissapointing example of the greed of man.

So…be warned; it’s a good movie, but a sad eye-opener as well.
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Trade Movie screenshot
~You’ll want to kill this dude above within 5 minutes of his introduction~

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