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your mommy kills animals movie
Although this movie was put out a while back, I never got a chance to watch it. Mostly because the one time I sat down to watch it, the intro was so graphic, my girlfriend said no way. Well, I finally took the time to sit through this and I’m glad I did. Although, I must say…there are many scenes that I would have been happy to have not scene. Since this is a documentary about the animal rights movement, you are guaranteed to see some very troubling images of animals in distress (or worse).
I’m a big animal lover, and although watching this was difficult at times, I feel that I definitely learned something from watching it. This film does a very good job of staying objective and show both sides to the story. Since 911, the labeling of some ‘animal rights’ groups as being the number one terrorist threat to the country (usa) certainly deserves to be examined. This film does a good job of showing the many opinions that surround this issue and seems to take special care to stay out of the business of showing us what to think. Instead, they just show us statements from parties involved with the issues.
I had heard quite a few troubling facts about PETA in the past and hearing them again here just re-enforce my previous opinion that they aren’t the ‘good’ organization that most people think/thought of them as. Also, the fact that the HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) was such a rich and powerful organization and wasn’t tied to any local Humane Societies was especially troubling. According to the film, the HSUS contributes no money or support to any of the many local Humane Societies that actually provide shelter and rescue to animals. What a pile of shit that is. Who would be sending donations if they knew their money wasn’t going to care for local animal rescue, spay/neuter programs, etc.? For more info on it: CLICK
This movie brings up some scary issues. Freedom of speech….extremism….corporate corruption. What’s scary is…even posting on a simple blog about this type of thing seems like it could end up in unwarranted suspicion of said blogger. Shit, I better stop now…heheheh.
Here’s a trailer to give you a better idea of what to expect. Check it out…then check out the movie. Get your learn on:

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