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Cloverfield-Custom DVD Cover
DANG! This movie was dope. Plain and simple. I watched this last night; lights and phones off, plasma in full effect, and the Dolby 7.1 bumpin. I gotta admit, I have been lookin forward to seeing this ever since I saw the preview before the Transformers movie. Even the preview was dope. They kept it super simple, didn’t show much, and left you wanting to see what the hell this was about.
Luckily, they delivered, big time. This movie is like Blair Witch meets War Of The Worlds, as far as the feel of the movie and film style. As usual, I’m not gonna get into the plot or anything, just want to let peeps know that if you’re lookin for a fun movie that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat, this is it. Some parts might make people prone to motion-sickness a little queezy, but stick it out.
I don’t like to see much of a movie before seeing it (you know how they show all the good parts in trailers that are waay to long nowadays?), so I’m not going to post the trailer. Just get the movie and watch. The trailers online show waaay to much of the movie.


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