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I got a question for you: Did you like Braveheart? If yes, then you should definitely make it a point to sit down to watch this movie. This is like the Chinese version of it. Not literally, but in terms of massive action sequences, powerful storylines, great characters, etc. This movie is a little over two hours and it flows smoothly through without ever having made me look at the clock. The movie is basically based on the warlords of China back in the day, that waged war with one another for various reasons. There are some very moving scenes and storylines in this. I won’t ruin any by talking about them except to say that this is an emotionally charged movie and pulls no punches.
The original movie title is “Tau Ming Chong” and was released in Chinese theaters in 2007. I read that this movie had the largest budget of any previous movies made in China. The proof is in the pudding. One thing I feel obligated to state, is that the movie is subtitled. If that has an impact in your decision to watch foreign films, you’re probably better of watching another Hollywood gem like Ice Cube’s “Torque”…heheheh.


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