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alcohol-drinksHey…some more good news for all the drinkers out there. Looks like some new studies have been shown to actually benefit people with diabetes. Check this out:
You probably already know that some benefits can come from drinking moderate amounts of alcohol, but what about drinking with diabetes? New research shows that a moderate intake of alcohol can actually help lower your fasting glucose levels.

A study out of Israel looked at 91 people with type 2 diabetes who had previously not drunk alcohol. For the study, these people drank a moderate amount of alcohol and, after three months, the researchers found that the participants’ fasting glucose levels fell by an average of 22 mg/dl.

In someone with diabetes, alcohol actually lowers that person’s blood glucose level. This happens because when alcohol goes into the liver to be detoxified, the liver cannot make more glucose (as it normally does) as long as it’s busy processing the alcohol.

Read the rest of the article: HERE
Source: Yahoo! Health

See? It looks like alcohol is as much fun as it is PLUS, it does a body good…hehehe. Wait…did that article say 2 or 12 drinks for a male per day? I believe that is up for interpretation…hehehe.


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