Warning For Filesharers (p2p): Fake Movie Files…

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3wPlayer LogoWhile browsing the net, I came across this little piece of info and figured it’s probably a good idea to spread the word. I’m not into the p2p scene, but I don’t believe that practices such as this should be used (or be legal). Also, it’s my personal opinion that file-sharing isn’t the ‘devil’ that the mega-corporations try to make it out to be. So, with that…here’s the info:
WARNING: Members of an Anti-P2P Piracy Group are spreading a malicious fake movie file to hunt P2P users with! It comes out in many variations, usually looking like this: (AVeryRecentMovieTitle)[2008]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo.avi file. When you open this file it will ask you to download a compatible player called 3WPlayer. DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT! It is a malicious program containing Trojan.Win32 viruses! Whatever the movie name variant it comes camouflaged under, it is always Size: 701.58MB (or 735,663,716B) and TTH: 5PLWTH46UI433BS3BMRYEFUYRXCL2WU7UFIHECQ For some more info see: 3wPlayer Malware Infected Torrent Spreading or Wikipedia 3wPlayer. If you already got such files, maybe try: Some Random Blog.

Like I said, this is just something I came across and was moved to share. I’ve never heard of the 3wplayer, and from a quick search, it looks like it’s not ‘brand new’ by any means, but a little warning for folks never hurt anybody.

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