Warning! Your Keyboard can KILL you!…

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keyboardI just saw this “news” article on the Yahoo index page about how your keyboard could be spreading the flu and you better wear gloves and stay indoors or you’re all gonna die! …Ok…well, the article doesn’t exactly say that, but it is another example of how the media loves to use scare-tactics to generate readership/viewership of their outlets. It’s rediculous. We have our government telling us that we’re all gonna die from terrorists and our news headlines are full of warnings about the next big pandemic. I think it’s time that somebody took some initiative and stopped the bullshit tactics that are being used. It’s sad that the “news” has become a 24 hour ticker saying “you better read/watch this, or you and your family may die!”
I used to watch the news regulary, thinking that I was doing the “right” thing; keeping up on current events, paying attention to the world out there instead of burying my head, like so many people my age seemed to do all the time. I always knew it was full of “doomsday news”, but figured I’d just filter out that nonsense and keep the “good” news. Now I’ve given up on checking the news regulary, realizing that it’s most likely not good for our mental states to be bombarded with all that bullshit. Especially since keeping up with the most current “news” means that you’re subjecting yourself to empty threats of death by Bird-flu, SARS, Anthrax, etc. Who wants or needs to hear that crap everyday?
I know this rant isn’t opening any new doors, but I had to get it off my chest. Like I said….I wish somebody somewhere would take steps to cleanse the headlines of the bullshit, but like everyone else, I don’t have the answer or the means. So, enjoy that next headline by laughing at it, like the bad joke that it is.


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