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George “Fully” Fullwood
Well folks….I just spent the day hanging out with a certified reggae legend. The radio crew were invited into Fully Fullwood’s studio, named ‘The Kitchen’, for a day of interviewing, filming, and taking a guided tour through the history of much of the foundation of reggae music. Fully was very friendly and made us feel welcome and at home from the get-go. Being a huge fan of reggae music for so long, I had heard the name Fully Fullwood, along with Soul Syndicate and The Fully Fullwood Band, but I will admit that my reggae trivia knowledge is pitiful compared to my reggae music collection. Over the course of the day I learned that there are so many riddims and basslines that many of us know by sound, but had/have no clue who was actually reponsible for what. Basically, Fully is an essential part of the creation and development of this music that so many people have come to love. He’s performed with so many well-known artists, that I’m not even going to attempt to try to list them here.
Some good news for reggae music lovers out there is that Fully is releasing a new album next month titled “Fully Loaded”. And to add to that good news is that Fully is about to leave to Europe to perform on the “Tosh Meets Marley” tour. More info including tour dates will be available shortly at, so keep checking there for that. This tour sounds like a combination of roots musicians and music that cannot be missed.

*The interview with Fully will also be available on Shockout very soon, along with videos of the same interviews. All this, plus a mix by Selectah Sandman to acompany and showcase Fully’s material. 
**UPDATE: The interview and videos are now available at

*Checkout more info at Fully’s website*

On a side note: His studio is definitely something that any music/electronics junkie would love to have. I was checking out the whole setup and it made my home super-computer seem lame…heheheh.

Fully Fullwood And Zonk One

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