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I just got the opportunity to check out the reissue of a reggae classic by Joe Higgs called Life Of Contradiction. This is definitely a great addition to any reggae collection, especially if you are a fan of that 70’s roots sound. An added bonus of this reissue is that the CD version includes two bonus tracks not originally included on the 1975 release. Those tracks are “Let Us Do Something” (a personal favorite on this) and “Freedom Journey”. I guess the reissue of the vinly LP will not include those tracks, which, to me, seems more than a little lame; seeing as how the people that are going to pick this up on vinyl are most definitely the more ‘hardcore’ music collectors (imo). Speaking of hardcore collectors; I’ve noticed that many reggae fans that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, both online and off, don’t have much Joe Higgs. Hopefully this re-release will give a lot of you the opportunity to give a listen.
Anyway, you can look for this in stores on February 18th. This is on the Presure Sounds label.

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  1. Samambo January 4th, 2008 3:39 pm

    hmmm….this sounds like something I should check out.

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