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After getting hit in the gut (literally) with this CD at yesterday’s Labor Day Parkfest, I figured I’d do a little write-up on this dude. Eljai hails from Belize, and is definitely worth checking out. I gotta say that his live performance was better than these recordings are, which is either a good or bad thing depending on how you wanna look at it. There are some cool jams on here including the tracks ‘Wise Up’, ‘Jah Give U Joy’, and ‘Blessed’. For the most part, this CD leans a little too far into the R&B’ish reggae area for my personal tastes, but it’s still a solid CD for his solo debut. I hear that he used to go by Junior Rankin and the liner notes state that he was in a couple of different groups before changing his name to Eljai and goin solo. By far, the highlight of the CD, for me, is the track ‘Blessed Remix’ which features The Prophet, Capleton. He performed this one live, without Capleton, but it was still the highlight of the performance.
If this dude is touring near you, be sure to check him out.
Here’s that dope track…enjoy:


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