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Luciano - Jah Can Save Us - 2008 - cover
Luciano has got a new album added to his massive list of releases this month. This one is called “Jah Can Save Us” and it is a complilation of sixteen previously released tracks. Being a compilation, I’d say it’s not a ‘mandatory’ selection to add to the avid collector, but it is a nice selection of tracks. Of course, there are a couple I’d of like to have swapped out for ‘better’ tracks, but it’s still good. By far, in my opinion, the strongest track on this, and the ‘real’ reason to grab this album is track #4 “This Is A Warning”. If you’ve heard my mix “Zonk One Presents-Strictly Conscious Vol 1″ then you’ve heard this track and know that I’m a fan. Sadly, the track that follows this banger is called “You And I” and it is defnitely one that I would have left off this compilation. For you slow/R&B music lovers, this one will be right up your alley.
Another stand out track on this is #11 called “Serve Jah”… Boom! and also the last track “Your Heart”.  The rest of the tracks are average, I’d say. A nice intro to Luciano for those newbies out there.


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