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Well, Perfect is back with a new album…and unlike his last full-length, this one is not just a compilation of singles that were previously released. That makes this his first ‘real’ LP and concept album. Slavery is the recurring theme throughout the album, as the majority of tracks deal with it.
Firstly, I gotta say that the artwork for this album is killer. I’m loving it. This coverart isn’t the same old simple, photoshopped in ten minutes kinda thing that so many artists seem to choose nowadays. The style is dope, and there is plenty of detail to keep curious minds busy. Great job…
Now onto the actual content of the album. Although this is Perfect’s first ‘real’ album, I don’t think it’s as strong as it could/should have been. Too many of the tracks that made it onto this album seem like they should have been the ones left off of it. There’s not too many that ‘grab you by the boo-boo’ and demand the ‘rewind selecta’ that I expect from a solid release. I guess I just expected more…and expectations sometimes guarantee a let down. The album has a very mellow tone and speed to it, and many of the tracks tend to gently call out “background music.” It’s not that the songs are entirely bad, I just don’t have the urge to play them loud or put em on repeat. My picks for best tracks are; 04-30 pieces, 07-Journey ft Chezidek, and 15-WTC 911. For me, most of the rest are either much to slow, R&B’ish, or just forgettable.
Honestly, I hate to give this album such a ‘blah’ review, but I gotta be honest. I’m sure though, that for reggae fans that really love a slower paced album, there’s gonna be tracks that you’ll enjoy on this.

Here’s a track from the album. This is Perfect and features Chezidek Track is called “Journey”…


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  1. Elcom August 15th, 2008 7:07 am

    i am agreeing with your statement.. the lp is okay, but the artwork ist great.. i need more of this stuff for my box!

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