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Tarrus Riley \"Back Biter\"I’ve been kinda laggin on the reggae music review/recommendations lately, so here’s a cool, lesser known artist that’s definitely worth checkin out. Tarrus Riley (often mispelled as ‘Taurus Riley’) isn’t a household name yet, but if he keeps making tracks like “Parables” off his last album of the same name, I’ll be looking forward to hearing and seeing more of him. Anyway, check out this ‘new’ (not brand new, but…) tune and support this dude.

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  1. Monique Toussaint June 27th, 2008 2:17 pm

    This is my first time ever to write a comment on any artist, and you know that there are many, many great artists out there. It is with great respect and pride for me to say, Tarrus Riley is so fresh, clean and most definitely a LEADER! That dude is off da HOOK. It’s as if he knows what i’m feeling, and man, that is deep. People can relate to these lyrics. May God continue to use him in this way. Much Love Tarrus, coming from the Bahamas.

  2. zOnk.oNe June 27th, 2008 6:31 pm

    Very nice comment Monique. I hope that I can point more folks towards ‘good music’ by good artists.


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