Richie Spice: “Gideon Boot” Released…

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I was pretty excited to get a hold of this album and give it a listen. I mean, this dude has come correct plenty of times in the past… especially when he blessed our ears with ‘Earth A Run Red.’
Maybe I should try harder not to expect great things from musicians that have provided great things in the past (although I feel that I do try), but this latest effort from Mr. Spice offers less than a spectacular tracklist. It’s not altogether ‘bad’, but it doesn’t provide those ‘bangers’ that we’ve come to expect from the dude who burst onto the scene with, once again, ‘Earth A Run Red.’
There are a few tracks that do stand out on this album. First of which is track number two which is the title track ‘Gideon Boot.’ For me personally, this is the strongest song on the album. I wish more of the tracks had the ingredients this one does; a positive message, a nice riddim, and a stand-out sound when combined. The next track that’s a keeper on this one is ‘Gettin Harder’, which is why many people have probably heard it on recent mixtapes or spun at their local reggae club. The last track on the album is pretty nice as well. It’s titled ‘Hang On’. It’s got a slower tempo and keeps with the conscious messages that we expect from Spice. I think that the biggest factor working against this album is that it doesn’t offer much as far as ‘new’. Most of the tracks are kind of forgettable, and don’t make you want to reach for that volume knob. Luckily for us, this dude is still young and we can expect him to be making new music for a while to come still…hopefully learning from mistakes made.

*I found another review written at the Jamaican Observer. Check it out if you want another opinion on this one: CLICK

  1. Babylon Falling
  2. Gideon Boot
  3. Let’s Go
  4. Getting Harder
  5. World Crisis
  6. Why
  7. Ticking Like A Bomb
  8. Living In Love
  9. Bad Lamp
  10. Wrap Up A Draw
  11. Di Plane Land
  12. Make Up Your Mind
  13. World Is A Cycle
  14. Hang On
  15. Rise



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