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brokenWell, for quite a while now, I know that some people trying to view this blog were having major issues. Depending on the browser you were using, things coulda been lookin pretty nuts. And although I was completely aware of the problem, I ran around and looked for solutions many times and just could not figure out why and what was going on. I just figured (hoped) that since most people use Internet Explorer and it automatically wants you to update and use the latest version, that there were more people viewing the site correctly, than those that saw the mess.
Anyway, I apologize to anyone that tried to view the site and saw that mess instead of the content. Last night, I stumbled upon the solution to my blog woes and I’m stoked. The problem itself was pretty retarded and had nothing to do with my .CSS or .php. In fact it had nothing to do with how my blog was setup or built at all….it was those pesky video codes that I had posted in some entries. Anyway, if anyone else is noticing that their blog is showing all crazy, check each of your posts (on it’s own page) and make sure each one displays correctly on its’ own. If it doesn’t, it will/can throw off your entire blog when it’s being displayed on your front page with multiple posts.

I hope that made sense to the readers that might be lookin for a solution to their own problems….if not, comment and I’ll try to elaborate. (read more about my issues HERE)

**So for those that are seeing this correctly for the first time: “Welcome, dope isn’t it?…heheheh”


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