Dancehall Culture Takes Over Where Top40 Hip-Hop Left Off…

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slackness-love_punany_badBob Marley’s One Love is heralded as the song of the 20th century. Jamaicans are jubilant about this. We boast of the impact of such songs as Redemption Song in encouraging the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa. Millions across the world identify with the message in Bob Marley’s songs. We agree that music has tremendous power and effect. Isn’t this evident in how Jamaica has become known worldwide because of Bob Marley’s music?

How is it then that the same voices that acknowledge the powerful effect of Marley’s music now seek to deny the effect of dancehall artistes such as Vybz Kartel’s lyrics on the minds and subsequent behaviour of those who listen to them?

Dancehall is not just the music, but it is a culture which impacts dress, fashion and body language; it influences attitude. Dancehall dress leaves little of the women’s bodies to the imagination. It is this mindset that is now affecting so many of our young people in school. They are following the dancehall culture of ‘badmanism’, ‘hottie girls’, ’nuff girls’, ’nuff skin’ and body parts exposed, ’nuff slackness’, public wining and grinding, ‘bling and more bling’, and every thing else that the culture promotes.
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*Source: Jamaica Gleaner

My guess is that things have already gone too far. It all started in the 80’s with MTV and music videos. It’s sad (and pathetic) that kids feel they gotta emulate their favorite artists, tryin to act like a ‘video star’ in real life…and also that a lot of girls feel that they need to model themselves after the women in the videos…but what’s the answer? How do you snap people out of the funk? …seems impossible.

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