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quicktime_alternativeA couple of years back, I sent out an email to everyone on my email contact list that told them about two super cool little programs that they should all download. Now that I got this bloggy-blog, I figured I’d point peeps toward those same two programs again.
For anyone that knows…Apple tends to provide heavily bloated software to their customers/end users. That ain’t cool for several reasons (that I won’t get into, since most peeps don’t want the rant…they just want the answer). So, first is Quicktime Alternative. This lets you do all the stuff that Quicktime player does, without all the annoyances and without hogging any of your computers’ precious resources. Basically, uninstal Quicktime and install this alternative and your computer will be happier.
real_alternativeNext up is the Real Alternative. In exactly the same way that the Quicktime Alternative is better for your computer, Real Alternative is the same. Anyone that has or has had any Real Software on their computers knows…massive pop-up messages, always running on startup, and all the rest of the typical worthless annoyances that make their software unpleasant.
I realize that MANY people know about these little alternatives, but maybe someone out there will see this and find out they exist and will be stoked.

Quicktime Alternative can be downloaded HERE
Real Player Alternative can be downloaded HERE


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