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paypal_verified-logoThis may not be too exciting for anyone but myself, but since this is my blog, I guess I get to post anyway…hehehe. Since my blog is pretty much done, and just needs posts to keep it interesting (the layout and functions work well for me), I added a Paypal donation button. I know there are plenty of people out there that frequent sites and feel like contributing to that sites expenses (server costs, upkeep, beers to review, etc.). My reasoning was ‘why not?’
Also, since I added a WordPress plugin (Bob Marley Quotes), people might love the plugin and decide to kick me a dollar or two for it. For those that don’t know what a WordPress plugin is, right now as I type this, my plugin puts up random quotes from Mr. Marley in the top righthand corner. Right now it says, “We, Jah people, can make it work”. Nice, right?
So..this post is just to bring a little attention to the new donation button that’s gonna be sitting under the Ads By Google on the lower right and the plugin page. It looks like this:


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