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raw data-1s and 0sOne of my favorite pages in Playboy is the “Raw Data” page. This is the page that gives a bunch of random facts on all sorts of different things. Some of them interesting, some irritating, and others weird and troubling. Here’s some of the stuff from the current June 2008 issue:

-There are currently 2,387 juveniles in the U.S. serving life sentences with no parole. In Israel, the only other country that sentences juveniles to life terms, there are 7. (that’s nuts)

-Wile only 8% of American women have an hourglass figure-wherein the waist measures at least 9 inches less than the bust-most new clothes are designed to fit that shape.

-The rank of the United States among the leading 19 industrialized nations in preventing deaths with timely access to professional health care: 19th. (so why do I keep hearing peeps saying, “Oh, ‘they’ have universal health care, but ‘they’ can’t get an appointment for anything serious” and a bunch of other lame anti-universal health arguments?)

-A Big Mac, fries, and a coffee contain a total of about 20 different species of plant life. (sounds healthy to me…hehehe)

-The rate of twins in all births has risen 70% since 1980, due to the success of multiple in vitro fertilized eggs. (scary?)

-On November 29, 2007 the number of cell phone accounts worldwide reached 3.3 billion, or 1 for every 2 people alive. (sounds like providers are makin plenty of dough. How bout giving some back?)

*source: Playboy Magazine

For those that still don’t know, Playboy is a great source for good articles and information. Yes, the pictures of super-hot girlies don’t hurt, but seriously, if it wasn’t for the great articles and info, I doubt that it would have lasted this long. And ‘no’….I don’t work for Playboy…heheheh.


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