What’s The Hold Up?

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treeSince being appointed almost two years ago, Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne hasn’t listed a single new species under the Endangered Species Act — even though federal biologists warn that at least 280 native species could disappear forever without such protections.

Kempthorne — a federal employee whose chief responsibility is to protect America’s wildlife and other natural treasures — has delayed or denied vital protections for polar bears, jaguars and other imperiled wildlife. On the other hand, Kempthorne has been quick to approve harmful oil and gas drilling and other development in sensitive wildlife habitat.

So why isn’t he being held accountable? Join me in urging Congress to hold hearings on Kempthorne’s failure to protect our wildlife. Take action online at:


It’s the Secretary of Interior’s job to protect our wildlife and wild places. And it’s Congress’ job to hold the Secretary accountable when he fails to do his job.

Thanks for celebrating Earth Day by helping to protect our wildlife and ensure responsible management of our natural resources.

To take action on this issue: CLICK

*The above was sent to me in an email, and I felt it was worth posting up for peeps to check out. If you’re interested, check out those links above. Facts like these remind me of how disappointing public officials can be.


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