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Fuck man….it really feels like a hook has been put into my right kidney and gravity is keeping a steady tugging feeling on that hook. My shit is hurt…again. I just went out for a ride on my cursed bmx (this fall makes 3 very painful falls, all of which were absolutely the bikes fault), and as I went to cross the street, halfway across, my chain popped off sending me over the handlebars…again. The first time this happened was years ago while I was living in Chico. I would go out to this park called Bidwell and ‘race’ one of the trails…which was great…until the time that I got off the trail and onto the road, decided to see what top speed on the street was, and POW! ..on my final pedal before coasting, my chain popped and I shot over the bars. That time I was going as fast as I could pedal and I was bloody everywhere. I also got a quarter-sized hole in my right knee (which needed stiches, and opened up repeatedly for about six months), and bounced my head off the street, leaving me with a half-grapefruit sized bump on the back of my head. That shit sucked.
Next big fall was last summer (2007) I was down at the beach and once again, decided to take off fast…once I got up some decent speed..BAM!..over the bars and basically broke my collarbone and jacked my left shoulder. I still can’t sleep on my left side…
For those that would blame this chain malfunction on the owner of the bike not taking care to keep the chain tight enough, I gotta say you is dead wrong…hehehe. Two of my friends worked in bike shops and both inspected the bike and said it was set up perfectly. Basically, there was no reason for that chain popping off. It’s happened a lot of times, luckily for me, most of them were pretty painless. This time I’m way too hurt for such a shitty reason. I swore off my bike last summer after the collarbone incident, but this seals the deal. It’s off to Craigslist for that bike. Time for me to get an adult sized bike anyway…
*My leg isn’t the worst part, but the gash and blood make it the better photo. That cut in the above pic is about 2 inches long and a quarter-inch wide.

I hope I feel better soon..I can barely sit at the computer right now.. :(


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  1. Tim March 26th, 2008 11:27 am

    Fuck that bike !!!!!

    I wish I would have been coherent enough last time to realize the severity of the situation. Those damn margaritas took over a bit more than I was ready for.

    Hope your feeling better sooner than later !!!!

  2. DJ WHIPS March 27th, 2008 7:36 pm

    Dude if you don’t get rid of that BMX bike I will for you and I don’t care how much that bike is worth…it’s not worht your life…Get well soon mang…

  3. saul July 5th, 2009 9:47 pm

    that happened to me too doing a 10 step stair jump wene i landed the chain brock of and i fell onto a parked car

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