zOnk’s BMX damage pics update!…

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Jesus…even I’m surprised at this beauty. Looks like the bruised kidney aspect is fillin in nicely. The road rash on top of the bruise isn’t even there anymore due to that bruises color. I didn’t post anything yesterday because I couldn’t walk…seriously. Very painful day yesterday…even sittin on the couch was too much. I had to lay on my stomach on my bed most of the day. I took a Vicodin (750mg) and didn’t even notice it. If I had insurance (fuck you, cheap-ass America!), I’d of been at the doctor quick.
Anyway…pain is much better today..still a bitch though. Here’s another closeup of the shin, right after I got out the shower on Monday. Shit would NOT stop bleeding…
That red line above is actually part of the cut too…the pedal just hadn’t dug all the way in yet. That little white’ish area is fat, I guess. I wanted to stop the bleeding long enough to get some of that in the pic. Mission accomplished.

-z to the onk

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  1. Cap'n Smash March 27th, 2008 5:06 pm

    Burn that fucking bike already man. Just dump about 600 dollars worth of gasoline, (gallon and a half), on that fucker and watch it burn.

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