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Graffiti: Vile LGN…

September 30th, 2009 | Category: Graffiti/Art

This dude ‘Vile’ had a couple of pieces that caught my eye. He’s got a cool style, lots of detail, and generally tears shit up. Here’s some funk that he’s brought to the masses:
Odeith - Vile - Motin - Graffiti
Odeith - Vile - LGN - Graffiti
I don’t know shit about this guy or the LGN crew, but from what I gathered, it looks like he paints with Odeith quite often. Lots of evil themed murals and a little bit on the Dungeons & Dragons / World of Warcraft (D&D’s obvious baby brother) tip. Nice shit…


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Visitor Recommended Site: People Of Walmart…

September 29th, 2009 | Category: Funny/Etc.

People of WalmartWell folks, I got an email from ‘Bob’, a visitor of the site, that recommended I check out the site I did, and although I didn’t think it was the funniest site, I did find myself strangely addicted to viewing ‘just one more picture’…hehehe. It’s a pretty silly ass idea, just photos of people found at local Walmart stores. As you can imagine though, there’s plenty of funny shit to be seen at those prestigious locations. Take a look for yourselves and pop on over to their site, peep some of the images, and be entertained. If you happen to find anything particularly hilarious, strange, neato, as always, feel free to send it to us.


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Taco Town Introduces The Ultimate Taco…

September 29th, 2009 | Category: Funny/Etc.

I think that double-decker tacos are an awesome idea. Them shits are great…being able to have a taco and a burrito at the same time is pretty neato. …but…let’s take that to the next level:

Besides a couple of layers there…I think I’d be down to try this thing…who’s with me?


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Atmosphere ‘Leak At Will’ 2009…

September 28th, 2009 | Category: Hip-Hop

Atomosphere - Leak at Will - 2009 - Front Cover
Minnesota Snowmen, Slug & Ant or “Atmosphere”…
In-between full length album release’s, these Minnesota Men have been creating and releasing six or seven song long Ep’s. Lately they have been dropping albums as the season’s change… and naming them accordingly; “Sad Clown Bad Winter 11…” and “Sad Clown Bad Spring 12” to name a few. The first track “Less One” on the Spring album is by far one of the best Hip-Hop/Dub type Reggae infusion tracks I’ve ever heard.
This album would be 13th in the series, perhaps Sluggo is a bit superstitious..?????
This albums title is “Leak At Will…” It Came out July 9th, 2009 on Rhymesayers Entertainment independent label, has seven tracks, and is only about 20 minutes short… A few different subjects and emotions are touched on in this Ep and it sounds like a project that took time, thought, and effort… not just something that was thrown together real quick to make that almighty dollar. Usually Slug rhymes in first person, telling stories of his time spent in dive bars and hungover in strangers bedrooms… This Ep was told more out of the 3rd person perspective…like he was a narrator or story teller of situations he observed.
The first track titled “C-mon” is about a kid growing up as a “Class Clown” that left grease spots on the black board…who loves Graffiti, and living on the South Side of Minneapolis. As he grew up, he strays from the gangs and the bad shit he sees all over his neighborhood. The production almost sounds like it has a Led Zepplin influence and samples of the phrase, “C’mon” is chanted at least 50 times in this little gem.
The second track is titled, “They Always Know…” The production and emotions of the song play off of each other beautifully in this song. It is a quick and simple song not even two minutes in length. It is about a girl on a bus ride headed out of a town where everybody knew everything about everybody, and they all gossiped to the point where she had to move out of the town just to get away from a ‘friend with benefits’ that was around every corner. It is a song that reminds me of the fact that sometimes life is just like a Soap Opera on television and the only way to avoid it is to turn the T.V off, or in this woman’s case, move the fuck outta the town to get away from the drama.
Track 3 is called “The Ropes..” It’s about a kid in High School learning “The Ropes” to survive…he talks about how he learns street smarts from music and movies…he talks about how the rich kids he went to school with hustled drugs for excitement, while he did it to eat…This track has a cool bass line, but the music in the background sounds as if it was sampled in the produce section of the local Safeway….or maybe an elevator in the business district. Read more

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Happy 2nd B-Day, TrendyInk…

September 26th, 2009 | Category: Uncategorized

That’s right folks, little TrendyInk is now officially two years old. Wow, how time flies. Seems it was just yesterday that there was no ‘chicks’ category and no visitors…and look at our little site now; massively trafficked and the talk of the town (I’m sure some town somewhere at least).
Well…I’m headed to Northern California…it’s 4:22am, so this is as good a post as I could come up with.
Thanks to all you visitors for visiting, making comments, and passing the links along to friends.



Crank: High Voltage, A Troma Flick?…

September 25th, 2009 | Category: Movies/TV

Crank High Voltage Screenshot
I sat down to watch the latest ‘Crank’ offering titled ‘Crank: High Voltage’. I figured that since I liked Jason Statham, and thought that the original Crank flick was entertaining, that part two would at least be an entertaining action flick to zone out on. What I hadn’t planned on or expected was the Troma factor. Crank: High Voltage is like the Troma guys got a hold of it and were given the green light on pretty much anything. For those of you that don’t know who Troma is or what they do, they’re the company responsible for movies like the Toxic Avenger series, and other b-movie creations such as ‘Killer Condom’, ‘Buttcrack’ and plenty of others. Needless to say they are a company that is known for putting out ridiculous b-movies (not that that is a bad thing necessarily). Crank 2’s filming style would best be described as an MTV music video and Toxic Avenger mash-up. It was definitely a surprise that the movie had such a horrible feel to it. I guess they realized the concept that they had was super corny, so they said ‘fuck it’ and took it as far out as possible.Crank High Voltage Movie Poster It’s also a surprise that Jason Stathom and Amy Smart read the script and decided they’d do it anyway. Then again, I’m sure the money they were offered more than makes up for the short lived embarrassment one must feel from starring in a flick like this.
I have to say that if you liked the first movie, and decide to sit down for the sequel, be prepared for a b-movie. I think that’ll help it go down a little smoother. I still recommend plying yourself with plenty of alcohol though…and might as well bring along some of your friends that are good at shit-talking during movies. *My buddy Cedric comes to mind.

*What’s most surprising is that there looks like there’ll be a third installment of this. :O



Classic: East Flatbush Project ‘Tried By Twelve’ Video…

September 25th, 2009 | Category: Hip-Hop

This track is part of the essential hip-hop history, and yet these dudes were never able to concoct another recipe on this level. This is classic, dope, 90’s hip-hop. (*skip to about 30 secs for vid to start)

East Flatbush Project’s “Tried By Twelve” music video. Booyow…


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