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Ballast Point Brewing Company - Sculpin IPAWell…it seems like it’s been a while since my last beer review. I guesss I been busy drinking it without writing about it. Or, maybe it’s that I have been drinkin the same stuff over and over lately. Anyway, I just poured myself a pint of this brand new Ballast Point Brewing Company “Sculpin India Pale Ale”. The smell before I got to my actual first sip was a pleasant meeting. Taste: ‘This is pretty delicious’. It’s definitely an IPA and it definitely delivers that big hop-heavy flavor that I dig so much. It’s a yellow-golden color and although it might look a bit like a ‘light beer’, it most definitely is not. It goes down very smooth and the aftertaste is a mellow hop and bitter carbonation tingle. This weighs in at 7% Alcohol by Volume so there’s a nice helping of ‘buzz’ in each bottle.
These are a limited release, so they won’t be around forever. If you’re interested in tasting one of these, I suggest motivating soon to do it. Luckily I got to them right after delivery, so the ‘heads up’ is nice and early for ya. Be prepared for the price though; I paid $6.99 for the 22oz. What is kinda weird about this brew is that the actual Ballast Point Brewing website doesn’t make a mention of it. So, I guess the best way to get more info on this is to go out, buy one (or several), and drink it. Like they say, there’s no better way to learn than from first hand experience.

Ballast Point Brewing Company - Sculpin India Pale Ale - 2009

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