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Blue Dawg Brewing 'Wild Blue' Blueberry Lager
Finally. I say that because I first saw Blue Dawg Brewing’s ‘Wild Blue’ show in the brew-marts quite a while ago, but it took a while for me to get around to purchasing. Then, once I’d actually purchased a bottle, it spent some time in the fridge (I partly blame a significantly awesome bachelor party in Tahoe for that *nice work BPS*), and now…finally…I’m actually sittin down to drink it.
First thing I noticed is the crazy smell of this brew. It’s not a bad smell…but it’s definitely unique. Or maybe I should say unique for a beer, but strangely reminiscent of, maybe, 50/50 MadDog, which I haven’t smelled since sometime in Chico many years ago, when I was nearly blacked out and decided to steal a bottle for ‘memories sake’ at the local Jackpot gas station.
Anyway: Man this shit is weird. Again, not a bad weird, but not normal. It’s so damn smooth that it seems impossible to really be packing 8% alcohol. The flavor reminds me of when I used to be broke, again, in college, and sometimes we’d mix cheap wine with Sprite or SevenUp. That probably sounds really horrible to those of you reading this, but it’s like a super smooth beer with a fruity, effervescent bite. Hehehe…As I’m sitting here, letting the reactions pour out through the keyboard, I’m realizing that it seems like no matter how I describe this beer, or what I compare it to, it’s gotta sound nasty to the ‘beer nuts’ reading. Ok. Let’s get some shit straight right here: This is not something that you’d wanna guzzle six packs of or stock in your precious kegerator. But…it is in fact totally worth drinking. Or at least tasting once. Because of how different it is, it deserves to be sampled. It’s almost like beer and wine had some back alley porn session and this is the illegitiate offspring. Neither beer, nor wine…just an alcohol Frankenstein that is rockin a massive 8% punch. And since tonight just happens to be one of those ridiculously hot nights here in Southern California, this thing is going down really smooth.
I just decided to do the ‘wine tasting spin the glass thing’ to see how sweet it is, and sure enough…this shit has ‘legs’. I can definitely say that I’ve never drank a beer that had legs before. Head yes. Legs no.
So there it is…my beer review for people who don’t have doctorate’s in beer tasting. Speaking of which, those folks that are THAT into beer that they can’t hold conversations about brews with anyone besides another elite member of their cult, do they really even enjoy the simplicities of beer that got them started with drinking beer in the first place? …just an open-ended question I felt like posing.

*Oh…by the way: I figured out why this beer is showing up in every grocery/liquor store across the land. It is an Anheiser-Busch product.

Peace, and enjoy,


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  1. Via Email August 31st, 2009 7:19 pm

    I read the review and I’m not sure what to do, go out and try it or live vicariously through you.

  2. Via Email August 31st, 2009 7:19 pm

    In 6 months, when I can legally drink again, I will find this brew. I’m now a wino at heart, but love trying new drinks! And because you mentioned similarities to Mad Dog, I have to give it a shot.

  3. xiaman March 26th, 2011 8:01 am

    bought a 6 pack last weekend . very nice taste.
    wicked colour.

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