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Kern River Brewing- Just Outstanding IPA 2009
It’s too bad that I’ve been too busy to even review beer. That’s just plain weird, right? I mean, at what point does one need to put off drinking that extremely tantalizing brew in their fridge to do other ‘more important’ things? Anyway, it’s been poured now so lets get on with it, shall we?
With a name like ‘Just Outstanding’ anyone would expect some don-dodda suds. I, like you, am doing just that. Since I purchased this, I’ve seen it tempting me from the back of the fridge (the coldest part) and have wondered how exactly this was going to knock me on my ass and live up to its’ name. Upon first pour, I noticed it was a little lighter than I expected. This isn’t necessarily any kind of indicator, its just that I’d pictured it darker, I guess. The next thing that was kind of a surprise was that this one didn’t have the usual aroma that IPA’s tend to bring. This one is really light smelling. Next step, the taste. This is a good tasting drink, but like its color and fragrance, it’s also a little light on flavor. This is the type of IPA that you could drink while chillin out in the sun and not feel bogged down by it. It does pack some good flavor, but it’s also on the light side. If you’re looking for a Spring/Summer type of beer that isn’t the typical macrobrew (Coors, Bud, Miller) this might be what you’re looking for. As the nights continue to get warmer, a beer like this is going to fit in nicely. It’s got the heavy hop flavor, but can sweat it out with you during the raised temperatures of the season.
This one weighs in at 6.8% Alcohol by Volume and I paid $4.49 for the 22oz. From the label: Named after a local mountain bike trail, this India Pale Ale has a strong malt character and a large hop profile. We Dry hop this beer with Simcoe and Amarillo hops to give it that great floral aroma and citrus finish. If you like a strong IPA, you’ll find this one just outstanding.
Booyow…there you have it. Now go and enjoy one for yourself.


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