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Sierra Nevada - Harvest Ale - 12th Release - 2008 - bottlecapFirst off, I like the color. I poured this into a pint glass and my first reaction was, “nice color.” While I’m at it, it smells nice too. Having lived in Chico for so long, I kind of expect good things from that brewery…since everything they make seems to be just that; good. And yes, what do you know?…the first and seconds sips concure, this is good. Weighing in at 6.7% Alcohol, it’s got a solid flavor that isn’t overpowering and a gentle aftertaste that is a bit dry. I like this much better than their ‘standard’ Pale Ale, but I’m not sure if that kinda has to do with the fact that I’ve drank about a billion of those and this is my first Harvest Ale. Which, actually, is pretty surprising since I lived so close to the brewery. I thought that I had tried all their releases, but according to the Sierra Nevada website, this was first brewed in 1996. It goes down very smooth and I’m going to try and remember to look for the next edition of this when it’s brewed next. These were bottled pretty recently and should be in any of your local beer spots that provide exceptional beers. So, probably not gonna be at your local super market, unless it’s a very cool super market.  This is another brew that you will want to add to your conquests…

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Sierra Nevada: Harvest Ale (12th Release) Label

Sierra Nevada: Harvest Ale (12th Release) Bottle

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