Extra Time On Your Hands? Make This Easy Cocktail Making Machine At Home…

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Since I know that most people using the internet, viewing sites like this, have plenty of free time on their hands (obviously due to being independently wealthy), I figured that a nice ‘do-it-yourself’ project might be appreciated. And, since I am also assuming that most visitors enjoy a bit of alcohol in their lives, this video should provide a cool way to both get a mix drink and provide fodder for that ‘project’ you’ve been wanting to do:

…so go ahead and spend a month setting up and perfecting one of these Rube Goldberg machines. Yes, your going to be so happy that you drilled a hundred holes in one of your walls and lost all contact with the outside world in one short month. PLUS! You’ll have a crappily mixed cocktail to share with…yourself. Awesome.


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