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Moylan's - Hopsickle Imperial Ale (Triple Hoppy) 2009
I gotta admit that this ‘triple hoppy’ tag has got me pretty interested in this particular brew. After all, I’ve definitely evolved into a hop-head, so anything with the promise of heavy hops has got my attention.
Whooo! This stuff packs a flavorful punch. It’s like hop syrup…hehehe. Ok, it’s not really like any kind of syrup, but it really is a heavy brew with a hell of a lot of hoppy bitterness. It’s a bit darker than a typical India Pale Ale, which might explain why it doesn’t say it’s a IPA anywhere on the bottle. So, back to the color; it’s a deep amber hue, and not exactly clear. It looks kinda like it’s gonna taste, although I’d say that the flavor is definitely a surprise for a first time taster. If I had to try to explain it to someone, which would be you, the readers, I’d say that it’s reminicent of a barleywine, but with a much more enjoyable flavor. It’s almost like a condensed IPA (meaning: if you added a glass of water to a bottle of it, you’d get a ‘normal’ India Pale Ale’ish type of creation.) The texture is pretty thick, but not thick like a big stout. It’s that oxymoronical thin and thick at the same time typa thing.

In short: This is a BIG beer and not something you’d want to guzzle on a hot Summer day. This is more of a sippin brew, and a workout for those tastebuds.

From the bottle: In Celebration of the Hop…
This is a “Hop” tribute, worthy of a King’s Imperial Court! Enjoy the blast of fresh Tomahawk, Cascade and Centennial Hops as they stimulate the taste buds in a truly imperial fashion. Pucker Up!

More Info: Moylan’s Hopsickle Imperial Ale


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